Pillar 1: Discover

As new technologies emerge, the digital world evolves. Adapting to these shifts and looking for opportunities is more crucial than ever. Having an outside specialist audit or analyze your previous or present offerings might provide you with valuable information for future planning.

By providing me with the proper access and demographic business data, you are giving me the resources I need to conduct in-depth research and create an informative audit of your digital marketing. You can then use this knowledge to tweak your new or existing campaigns to get the most out of them.

I provide expert insight into your present digital offering through a variety of assessment and audit services. I can provide you with thoughtful feedback and ideas to help you improve your performance. To learn more, read about the specific audits/reports below:

Digital Marketing Discovery Phase

Digital Audits

  • Competitor Analysis Report

    Do you want to compare your performance against your competitors and see how you might outperform them? I analyze your competitors' advertising activities and approaches using a variety of industry tools.

  • Website Audits

    Are you concerned that your website isn't ranking well in the search engines? I can help you assess your on-page and off-page performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • PPC / Adwords Audits

    Are you not getting a good return on your PPC investment? A PPC audit is a great approach to get started on a new PPC project or enhance an existing one. These audits help you identify the areas that require improvement so that you can prioritize them and work on them in reasonable chunks.

  • Social Advertising Audit

    Been running paid social media adverts but not getting the results? I can carry out a full audit of your historic paid social media campaigns to establish where you or your agency have been going wrong. We can then put together an action plan of improvements to get you the results you require.

  • Tracking Audit

    Not monitoring and attributing visitors or suspecting that your tracking is flawed? I can check and analyze your tracking using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Remarketing Code.

Digital Marketing Research

  • Competitor Analysis

    Are you worried that your competitors have a leg up on you online? I analyze your website and create a full report with comments and suggestions for making it better. Benchmarking your brand against the top three rivals is part of this.

  • Keyword Research

    Do you want to learn more about the language of your target audience to boost your advertising or website content? I research the most relevant, successful, or profitable keywords your potential customers use and feed this back to you.

  • Influencer Research

    Do you want to know who the most prominent influencers in your market are and how to connect with them? I'll use various tools to find and learn more about the people who influence your consumers.

  • Content Research

    Do you see the value of content, but aren't sure where to begin or what to create? I can review and provide input on effective content marketing strategies in your business.

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