The Need for a Brand Awareness Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Let’s look at what we mean by brand awareness marketing strategy before we get started. To put it simply, brand awareness is how familiar consumers are with a particular product or service. When marketers discuss brand awareness, they typically mean brand awareness among a target demographic or target market.

There are several degrees of brand awareness –

  • People are aware of your brand.
  • Knowledge of your product line
  • Knowledge of the brand characteristics (i.e., what distinguishes you from competitors)

It’s crucial to track each of the three criteria above when determining your company’s brand awareness. While it is beneficial if many people know your brand, this won’t necessarily result in more sales if they don’t know what you do or why they should buy from you.

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Why You Need a Brand Awareness Marketing Strategy for Your Business


The degree to which a customer trusts a brand strongly influences whether or not they buy. Customers are more inclined to make further purchases after they trust your brand and develop a relationship with you.

Brand awareness bridges the chasm between consumer loyalty and brand trust. It provides your brand a personality that makes clients feel comfortable using it.


You must have used Google to search for answers to questions or chosen Coke when you wanted a soft drink. (Of course, if you order a Coke in Texas, the server will ask, “what kind?” Then you say Dr Pepper.)

Brand awareness links behaviors to the brand’s products. There are other search engines in the same category as Google. However, when you ask others to perform a search, you instruct them to “Google” the question.

Because of brand awareness, ordinary words are now being replaced by brand names. Before you even realize it, you have been using Kleenex rather than tissues.

Brand Equity:

Your customers’ experiences determine your brand’s value. Positive perception is a byproduct of a good experience, and positive perception raises brand value.

Having a solid brand identity can contribute to happy customers. Customers begin to favor a brand above the competing options as they recognize and buy from it. Customers and brands develop a strong sense of trust as a result. Positive experiences result from this, which eventually boosts brand equity.

Better brand equity affects stock price, social impact, and business expansion.

Improve brand perception and awareness.

Brand Recall:

Brand recall describes a customer’s ability to remember a brand name connected to a particular product category. It shows a solid connection between the brand and the product category. A consumer can typically remember between three and seven brand names.

Usage, brand loyalty, and other contextual factors affect a brand’s ability to be remembered relative to a specific product category. When you think about toothpaste, the brand name you usually use is more likely to come to mind.

Brand Recognition:

Customers can distinguish two brands thanks to brand recognition. When people consider a product category you offer, they should be able to immediately think of your brand. Or, when your brand is mentioned, they should be able to name the products or product category.

Brand recognition can be established using the company logo, slogan, packaging, and other visual elements. A high level of brand recognition suggests that your product reaches your intended audience.

Top–of–mind Awareness:

Top-of-mind awareness happens when a buyer is questioned about a particular product category and immediately thinks of your brand.

This suggests the most recognizable and recalled brand name. For a given product category, it’s always possible to remember many different brand names. That’s how high the level of competition is.

Top-of-mind purchase decisions are significantly influenced by awareness. When people have to choose between multiple competing brands, this characteristic influences their decision.

Strategic Comparison:

The goal is to make a company’s marketing strategies stronger. Understanding what makes the winning business more competitive is made possible by comparing strategies with other companies. It aids in understanding the strategies employed by market leaders to dominate their respective industries.

How Does Digital Marketing Improve Brand Awareness?

It’s no secret that people today spend a lot of time online—more than six hours each day—so if you’re trying to build brand awareness, the internet is a place you shouldn’t ignore.

Take advantage of all the new digital opportunities to create awareness that are now accessible and those that will emerge in the future by getting in front of consumers where they are.

Let’s now explore some of the ways that digital marketing can help you increase brand awareness.

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How to Build Brand Awareness

  • Be yourself, not a company.
  • Be social
  • Tell your story.
  • Make it easy to share.

It takes time for your audience and the general public to become familiar with your brand. It also doesn’t result from a simple promotional strategy or advertisement.

Strong brand recognition is the result of multiple simultaneous actions that go beyond attempting to attract paying customers.

You won’t get very far if you try to increase brand awareness by placing a few ads on Facebook. Also, the advertisement won’t impact beyond a one-time sale because buyers will only notice the product (not the brand).

Here are some strategies for building a solid brand awareness foundation and leaving an enduring impression on your audience:

Be a person, not a company:

What are some things you enjoy learning about a new friend as you get to know them? I enjoy discovering people’s interests, passions, preferences, and other things. I also pay attention to their speech patterns, topics of interest, and the things they get excited about.

These are the qualities that your brand should identify and highlight. You need to define yourself as more than a business that transacts business if you want to make an impression on your audience. How else might you describe who you are? What phrases would you use to introduce your company to a brand-new friend?

Be Social:

Everyone benefits from social interaction and spending time with others, whether quiet or gregarious, introverts or extroverts. It’s how we remain in touch, grow intellectually, and meet new people.

Your brand is no different. You won’t be known as anything other than a company with a single goal if you just try to connect with people when attempting to make a sale or gain support (the same goes for a person).

You must be social if you want to increase brand recognition. Share content on social media that has nothing to do with your goods or services. Ask questions, leave comments on posts, or retweet or share anything you find interesting to engage with your audience. Utilize your social media platforms as though you were a person seeking to make friends rather than a company looking to generate money.

According to research, online sociability contributes to the reputation of brands by over 50%. Being socially active brings with it increased awareness and simple recognition.

Tell your story:

Storytelling is a Brand Awareness Marketing StrategyWhether selling things or building your brand, storytelling is an immensely effective marketing strategy. Why? Because it provides a genuine anchor for your audience to grasp.

Creating a story for your brand humanizes it and gives it character. And incorporating the narrative, as mentioned earlier, into your marketing naturally markets your brand and your goods or services.

What should the subject of your story be? Whatever you want, as long as it’s true. It can be the biography of your company’s founder. Your story can be about how your company came up with its first product concept or the tale of the “little engine that could”—how your modest company succeeded in the competitive business world.

People enjoy learning about one another through storytelling. Authenticity has an impact and can significantly increase brand awareness.

Make it easy to share:

Make it simple for your audience to share your material, regardless of your industry, what you have to offer, or your marketing strategies. These could be product pages, blog entries, videos, social media posts, or sponsored material. Whatever it is, make sure it is shareable.

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective method of building client trust and familiarity. Someone will pay attention to a product… and brand if they see a friend or family member endorsing it. Is this a company worth looking into? Do they provide any more top-notch goods that I can trust? How do their social media accounts look, and what topics do they discuss?

By only clicking “Share,” customers will increase your brand awareness if you make it simple for them to post about your products.

Brand awareness is all about impact.

It involves engaging with your audience in ways that don’t just ask for donations, involvement, or loyalty.

How would you feel if you met someone new and they asked to be your friend? You’d probably laugh and leave if they asked for any of the previous things, aren’t you right? That is not only a superficial approach to friendship but also has no long-term effects on you.

The same holds true for creating and growing brand recognition among your consumers.

Let’s wrap this up

In conclusion, brand awareness is vital for your business because it bridges the chasm between consumer loyalty and brand trust. Brand awareness is all about impact. If you can create a strong brand awareness campaign, you will significantly increase your bottom line. So what are you waiting for? Start building that brand awareness today!

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